Bart vs Fox News

Thursday, March 8, 2007

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trivia tidbits

Monday, March 5, 2007

The Simpsons continually pokes fun at the Fox network because it is the only show on Fox that does not have to be checked by its executives and edited accordingly. This also means the producers of the show can get away with a lot more on prime time television.

Initially, Yeardley Smith auditioned for the voice of Bart and Nancy Cartwright for the voice of Lisa. They play them the other way around.

A running joke throughout the series is that no one knows where Springfield is. The writers are always coming up with ways to keep the audience guessing. Some examples of this are: in 'Sunday, Cruddy Sunday' when Marge phones the egg painting company and gives her address, she says, "742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield Ohi...", then cuts out to say, "Oh hiya Maude!" to Maude Flanders, who suddenly appears in the kitchen. When Homer and Bart are off to the Edison Museum in 'The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace' they drive past a sign with exits to New Jersey, Michigan and Oregon, none of which are close to each other. When Larry Burns spots Mr. Burns on the train, he asks where the train is going. The conductor says, "Springfield." and Burns asks, "Springfield where?", but the conductor's reply is drowned out by the train's engine.

Marge was in labor with Bart for 53 hours.

Ned's real name is Nedward.

Another gag that makes the location of Springfield more ambiguous. In one episode the superintendent of the Springfield school systems says "This school used to be the worst in the state of Missouri." Everyone gives him a shocked look, and then he adds "which was why it was moved brick by brick to its present location."

Apu enrolls in Springfield Heights Institute of Technology.

In the scene where Homer is now the coach of the football team (after Flanders gives him the job). Flanders sons' football numbers are Rod (66) Tod (6), and as you know they are always standing next to each other.

Springfield is split into two area codes, 636 and 939. This would put half of Springfield in Missouri and the other half in Puerto Rico.

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Homer, the Simpleton

"Homer Simpson's Brain"

Homer has a vacuous mind, but he is still able to retain a great amount of knowledge about very specific subjects. He shows small bursts of astonishing foresight, memory, creativity, and fluency with many languages in nearly every episode.

However, Homer’s brief periods of intelligence are overshadowed by much longer and consistent periods of ignorance, forgetfulness and stupidity. Homer has low IQ due to his hereditary "Simpson Gene”, his alcohol problem, exposure to radioactive waste, repetitive cranial trauma, and a crayon lodged in the frontal lobe of his brain. The crayon in his brain is one of the main factors, and possibly the biggest, that causes his stupidity. Homer's intelligence was said to jump fifty points higher when he had the crayon removed, bringing him to an IQ of 105, slightly above that of an average person, but he went back to his old self when he had it reinserted, presumably lowering his IQ back to its original 55.

It has been suggested in some episodes that Homer's normal functions do not require the use of his brain. Homer has, at times, debated against his own brain. Occasionally, a specific body part is portrayed debating with his brain, such as his face, stomach or liver. He has also been known to think of himself as two people. This is first hinted at in "Tree House of Horror IV”, when Homer ate his emergency donut and left a note for himself saying "Dear Homer, I.O.U. one emergency donut, Signed Homer". After reading the note later, he referred to himself as a bastard who is always one step ahead. He also frequently confuses himself with ontological paradoxes, in which he intermixes others' lives with his own. He has been known from time to time to grow uncertain about the boundary between persons in large conversation groups that have rapid exchanges.

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The Curious Case of Gerald Samson

Friday, March 2, 2007

Gerald Samson, better known as Baby Gerald, is Maggie's nemesis. He made his first appearance in "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song". Lisa once referred to the 'baby with the one eyebrow' as Maggie's rival. On a few occasions Gerald has been shown being pushed in a stroller by his mother outside the Simpsons' house, with the two babies glaring at each other. He is distinguished by his unibrow, being one of only two characters in the show to have one (the other being Groundskeeper Willie).
In "Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays" a Kent Brockman headline shows a picture of Maggie Simpson beating him up. He apparently has a history of causing large scale public incidents, and was once rescued from an unspecified disaster by Bart's mail order "wonder dog" Laddie.

Surprisingly, according to the comic story "The Rise and Fall of Bartholomew J. Simpson" (published in
Simpsons Comics #47), the adult Gerald is married to Maggie, but is so dominant in the marriage that he will not even allow her to speak up during a conversation, though the comic series is considered non-canonical. During an audio commentary, Matt Groening joked that The Simpsons Movie will be about the mystery of the one eyebrowed baby.

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Springfield Recipes

Monday, February 26, 2007

"If God didn't want us to eat in church, he would have made gluttony a sin."-- Homer, "King of the Hill (5F16)"

Bart's America Balls

2 cans of dog food, any brand
(do not substitute dry dog food)
roll the dog food into 1 1/2 inch balls and place them on a serving tray
garnish with tiny american flags on toothpics
makes 24 servings

Chief Wiggum's Chilli

5 gallons of water
quesosakatenango chili peppers from Guatamala (to taste)
combine ingredients in a large pot
cook until boiling
serve immediately
makes 5 gallons

Milhouse's Vaseline on Toast

2 slices of bread
3 tbsp. of vaseline

toast the bread to desired darkness
spread vaseline evenly on each piece of toast
makes 2 servings

Homer's Space Age(out of this world) Moon Waffles

1 package of caramel squares
2 cups waffle batter
1 bottle liqiud smoke
1 stick of butter
place caramel in the waffle iron
pour on waffle batter
add liquid smoke to taste
cook thoroughly
take the stick of butter and wrap the moon waffle around it
place it on a toothpic and serve
makes 1 unfortunate serving

Tom Collins Pot Pie

pie crust
tom collins mix
add cloves and tom collins mix to pie crust
makes 1 serving

The Good Morning Burger

18oz ground beef patty
6-8 tbl. of rich creamy butter
8 stripes of bacon
4 slices of ham
3 fried eggs
sizzle the ground beef, bacon, ham, and eggs on the grill.
place the beef on a bun, the top with bacon, ham and eggs.
soak in butter.
makes 1 wake up serving

Ned's "Nachos Flanders Style"

3 sliced cucumbers
1 cup cottage cheese

spread cottage cheese on ONE SIDE of each cucumber slice and place on a serving tray
makes approx. 24 servings

Ned's "Key to looking young" Anytime Snack

2 slices of white bread
1 glass of water on the side

dip the bread in the water as you eat your way to keeping your youthful looks
makes 1 serving

Marge's edible ear plugs

1 cup flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground cumin (Marge says 'what the hell'?)
1/2 cup water
mix flour, salt and cumin in a bowl
slowly work in the water, kneading the dough as you go
form into small shapes that can fit in your ear
cook in the oven until the timer dings
serves 12 people

Marge's Patented Happy Cracker Snack Platter

1 dozen Ritz crackers
1 can Cheese Whiz
1 jar of olives
1 jar of pimentos
place crackers on a serving tray
use olives as happy face eyes
use pimentos as happy face noses
create smiley mouths with spray cheese
makes 12 servings

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Maggie's Biography

Maggie Simpson's full name is Margaret Simpson. She is 1 year old, and according to the local grocery store, costs $847.63. Her first spoken word was "Daddy."

For being only 1 year old, Maggie Simpson has lived a full life. She shot Mr. Burns. She won a Cutest Baby contest. And she already has a nemesis -- Gerald, the baby with one eyebrow.

Substitute Pacifiers
Maggie is seen usually sucking on a pacifier. But when she's had to, she has found comfort sucking on other items:

Fried shrimp.
Krusty pacifier.
Bart's severed finger.
Flash card.
Chess piece.
Bart doll.
Herb's nose.
A cigarette.
A dreidel.
A giant tooth.
Diamond-studded pacifier.
Drink umbrella.
Christmas cookie.

Passing on the Pacifier
Maggie is generous with her pacifier, as well.
She has given it to other folks to suck on.
A bear
Lisa's pony
A snake
Mr. Burns

Maggie Shows Her Smarts
It's also possible that Maggie is a genius disguised in baby form. In some episodes, it is obvious she is more intelligent than she seems:

Knows what a VCR remote is used for.
Spelled out "E=MC sq" with toy blocks.
Communicated with bears.
Shows Lisa an "Aztec" flashcard after seeing the Olmec head.
Drove Homer's car.
Spelled "redrum" on blocks.
Saved Bart and Lisa from Willie.
Used fire extinguisher to put out curtains.

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Watch out, they're here!!! Simpsons Movie!

Monday, February 19, 2007

They're coming!!!!

Opens July 27, 2007. Woo-hoo!

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Pop Id'oh!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Simon Cowell visits the Simpsons (FABF09 - Smart And Smarter).

He made Maggie cry when she "auditioned" for his nursery school.
The American Idol judge tells Maggie she can always work as a "sweater folder" in The Gap clothing store because she is not clever enough to get into the Nursery!

Cowell: And what's your name?
Marge: Maggie.
Cowell: I'm sorry, but why are you answering for her?
Marge: Maggie doesn't talk yet.
Cowell: Not a word?
Marge: Oh she says lots of words, like when she wants something, she says 'eh! eh! nyeh eh! eh!'
Cowell: Maggie, we're not a mime school. So we can't take a non-talker.

Cowell: I'm afraid your daughter is no longer welcome at our school. She's as common as an angry woman in a knibson play.

Lisa: So Maggie's not a genius?
Cowell: She could be. At sweeping up hair.
Homer: That's my baby jerk! (~hits Cowell~)
Cowell: You call that a punch. I felt it, but it was like "So what?"
Homer: (~hits Cowell~)
Cowell: Again with the nose, I have a chin you know.

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Homer, man of few *stupid* words

Monday, February 12, 2007

Shut up, brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-tip!
The sun? That's the hottest place on Earth.
There's a New Mexico?
Computer! Kill Flanders!
I hope I didn't brain my damage.
I want to be alone with my thought.
Operator! Give me the number for 911!
Television -- teacher, mother, secret lover!
Lord help me, I'm just not that bright.
I'm no supervising technician, I'm a technical supervisor.
What do we need a psychiatrist for? We know our kid is nuts.
I don't have to be careful. I got a gun.
D'oh! The bee bit my bottom. Now my bottom's big.
I bet Einstein turned himself into all sorts of colors before he invented the light bulb.
If something goes wrong at the plant, blame the guy who can't speak English.

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My butt does not deserve a website

Friday, February 9, 2007

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