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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Simon Cowell visits the Simpsons (FABF09 - Smart And Smarter).

He made Maggie cry when she "auditioned" for his nursery school.
The American Idol judge tells Maggie she can always work as a "sweater folder" in The Gap clothing store because she is not clever enough to get into the Nursery!

Cowell: And what's your name?
Marge: Maggie.
Cowell: I'm sorry, but why are you answering for her?
Marge: Maggie doesn't talk yet.
Cowell: Not a word?
Marge: Oh she says lots of words, like when she wants something, she says 'eh! eh! nyeh eh! eh!'
Cowell: Maggie, we're not a mime school. So we can't take a non-talker.

Cowell: I'm afraid your daughter is no longer welcome at our school. She's as common as an angry woman in a knibson play.

Lisa: So Maggie's not a genius?
Cowell: She could be. At sweeping up hair.
Homer: That's my baby jerk! (~hits Cowell~)
Cowell: You call that a punch. I felt it, but it was like "So what?"
Homer: (~hits Cowell~)
Cowell: Again with the nose, I have a chin you know.

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