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Monday, February 26, 2007

"If God didn't want us to eat in church, he would have made gluttony a sin."-- Homer, "King of the Hill (5F16)"

Bart's America Balls

2 cans of dog food, any brand
(do not substitute dry dog food)
roll the dog food into 1 1/2 inch balls and place them on a serving tray
garnish with tiny american flags on toothpics
makes 24 servings

Chief Wiggum's Chilli

5 gallons of water
quesosakatenango chili peppers from Guatamala (to taste)
combine ingredients in a large pot
cook until boiling
serve immediately
makes 5 gallons

Milhouse's Vaseline on Toast

2 slices of bread
3 tbsp. of vaseline

toast the bread to desired darkness
spread vaseline evenly on each piece of toast
makes 2 servings

Homer's Space Age(out of this world) Moon Waffles

1 package of caramel squares
2 cups waffle batter
1 bottle liqiud smoke
1 stick of butter
place caramel in the waffle iron
pour on waffle batter
add liquid smoke to taste
cook thoroughly
take the stick of butter and wrap the moon waffle around it
place it on a toothpic and serve
makes 1 unfortunate serving

Tom Collins Pot Pie

pie crust
tom collins mix
add cloves and tom collins mix to pie crust
makes 1 serving

The Good Morning Burger

18oz ground beef patty
6-8 tbl. of rich creamy butter
8 stripes of bacon
4 slices of ham
3 fried eggs
sizzle the ground beef, bacon, ham, and eggs on the grill.
place the beef on a bun, the top with bacon, ham and eggs.
soak in butter.
makes 1 wake up serving

Ned's "Nachos Flanders Style"

3 sliced cucumbers
1 cup cottage cheese

spread cottage cheese on ONE SIDE of each cucumber slice and place on a serving tray
makes approx. 24 servings

Ned's "Key to looking young" Anytime Snack

2 slices of white bread
1 glass of water on the side

dip the bread in the water as you eat your way to keeping your youthful looks
makes 1 serving

Marge's edible ear plugs

1 cup flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground cumin (Marge says 'what the hell'?)
1/2 cup water
mix flour, salt and cumin in a bowl
slowly work in the water, kneading the dough as you go
form into small shapes that can fit in your ear
cook in the oven until the timer dings
serves 12 people

Marge's Patented Happy Cracker Snack Platter

1 dozen Ritz crackers
1 can Cheese Whiz
1 jar of olives
1 jar of pimentos
place crackers on a serving tray
use olives as happy face eyes
use pimentos as happy face noses
create smiley mouths with spray cheese
makes 12 servings

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