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Monday, March 5, 2007

The Simpsons continually pokes fun at the Fox network because it is the only show on Fox that does not have to be checked by its executives and edited accordingly. This also means the producers of the show can get away with a lot more on prime time television.

Initially, Yeardley Smith auditioned for the voice of Bart and Nancy Cartwright for the voice of Lisa. They play them the other way around.

A running joke throughout the series is that no one knows where Springfield is. The writers are always coming up with ways to keep the audience guessing. Some examples of this are: in 'Sunday, Cruddy Sunday' when Marge phones the egg painting company and gives her address, she says, "742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield Ohi...", then cuts out to say, "Oh hiya Maude!" to Maude Flanders, who suddenly appears in the kitchen. When Homer and Bart are off to the Edison Museum in 'The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace' they drive past a sign with exits to New Jersey, Michigan and Oregon, none of which are close to each other. When Larry Burns spots Mr. Burns on the train, he asks where the train is going. The conductor says, "Springfield." and Burns asks, "Springfield where?", but the conductor's reply is drowned out by the train's engine.

Marge was in labor with Bart for 53 hours.

Ned's real name is Nedward.

Another gag that makes the location of Springfield more ambiguous. In one episode the superintendent of the Springfield school systems says "This school used to be the worst in the state of Missouri." Everyone gives him a shocked look, and then he adds "which was why it was moved brick by brick to its present location."

Apu enrolls in Springfield Heights Institute of Technology.

In the scene where Homer is now the coach of the football team (after Flanders gives him the job). Flanders sons' football numbers are Rod (66) Tod (6), and as you know they are always standing next to each other.

Springfield is split into two area codes, 636 and 939. This would put half of Springfield in Missouri and the other half in Puerto Rico.

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