Signs Around Springfield

Friday, February 2, 2007

"Evil women in history from Jezebel to Janet Reno." posted outside church

"You must have proper ID or exact change." a sign on the beer stand whenHomer eats the world's hottest chili pepper

"The Springfield Historical Society: Where History Comes Alive (metaphorically)"

"Piercing Shop: If it dangles, we'll punch a hole in it."

"No Shirt, No Shoes, No Salvation." outside the church

"Deadbeat Dad Beat Dead." headline at the Springfield shopper

"SPRINGFIELD GENERAL HOSPITAL: Quality care or your autopsy free."

"Eye Carrumba." where Bart goes to get his glasses

"There's something about the Virgin Mary." a church sign

"Native American Ice Cream (Formerly Big Chief Crazy Cone)"

"Newark Newark - Hotel/Casino"
"Convention Hall 1 - Candy Convention. Convention Hall 2 - Candy Shaped Rat Poison Convention"

"Springfield Psychiatric Clinic: Because there may not be bugs all over you!"

"Springfield Wild Animal Park--Born Free, Then Caged"

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